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Prepping the Death Bucket, 2018, PDF


KUR is sci-fi horror dealing with a slime apocalypse

in photo stories, installations and a film.

KUR is a cooperation.

 HORSES, 2016, styrofoam, print, plaster, polyester resin, 150x150x40 cm

 driving, 2017, GIF, 

background  picture By NASA/JPL/Cornell - (image link), Public Domain,

exo_caution, 2016, snake skin, plastic bag, acryl, 20x30x30 cm

 o.T., 2016, plastisol, chains, various dimensions

Anordnung, 2014, print, 84x190cm

Ritual I + II, 2014, engraved basalt, ø 29 cm

JANUS, 2015, print on fabric, 50x50cm

Edition of 50